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Want to get connected to our directory? Want to get information on our small groups, or receive messages from us about new info right to your phone? Just download our app!

We use a free app called Church Center to help organize a lot of information about us into one easy place. Church Center holds our contact directory, info on small groups, and more. Download it and get connected – just read below!

Why Download the App?

Get Connected to Our App

First – Download the Church Center app

The Church Center app is available for iOS and Android. There is also a specific Church Center website for our church.

Access the Church Center Website

Second – Find Our Church in the App

  1. After downloading the Church Center app, click Get started and choose Use my location.

  2. Search for Parkland Pentecostal Church in the Church Name field, Marathon, ON in the Address field, and Canada in the country field. Then choose Parkland Pentecostal Church, click This is my church, then click Next.

  3. Enter your mobile phone number or email and then click Next. You will be texted or emailed a 6-digit code. Enter that code to login and you’re all set!

OPTIONAL Third – Join our Directory!

If you want to share your contact info throughout the church, Church Center provides an easy way to do that!

If you have never given us your contact info, click the link below first to send it to us. Pastor Jon will connect your information to our database shortly afterwards, and he will reach out and set you up to be able to access the directory.

If we already have your info on file, just email Pastor Jon at , call the church at (807) 299-0530 or send him a message via Facebook to get added to the directory.

By default, none of your information – not even your name – is shared in the directory. You have complete control over what pieces of your information are shared publicly.

Submit Your Contact Info

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