Home Church Check-In!

Hey folks! We know that many people at our church, and in Canada, are choosing to stay online for a while. And

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We’re Hosting an Outdoor Service!

PLEASE READ ALL INFO BELOW - Social Distance Restrictions are in effect! IF YOU DO NOT FEEL COMFORTABLE joining us in person

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COVID-19 and Reopening News Update

Hey folks, an update from Pastor Jon. We all received recent news from Premier Doug Ford that churches were allowed, as of

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Need and Mission

Here's a quote from our Sunday, June 7th message. Jesus called us all to go out into the world to be salt

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We Want Some Contact Info!

Hey folks out there! We want to keep in touch and make sure we are reaching out to everyone. If you don't

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Blessing the Grocery Store!

We were glad to be able to organize a great blessing for the people at the grocery store! They have done such

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Church on the Outside – Idea #5

We're committed to using the other 167 hours of the week we have outside of Sunday service to make a difference in

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