This Sunday, I tried to deal with one of the most common complaints I feel in terms of belonging in church. And that is the complaint of comparison – the belief that because we are not like (or in our own eyes, as good as) another believer, that we do not belong, or that God does not have a use for us. And both are a lie!

The fact of your existence means that God has made several choices. Firstly, that God has decided to make you – and God does not make mistakes! Secondly, that God has decided to make you who you are – with all of your strengths, weakness, hopes, dreams and fears. And thirdly, that God has a plan for you that only YOU can do.

There is still room for improvement – we don’t have to be like others, but we’re called to be the best version of ourselves. And God is the defining factor in determining what sort of person we should become, where we should serve, what we should do – not our own drive to either make ourselves like or denigrate ourselves for not being like others. Your place, and your worth in the body of Christ, is found in a daily relationship with God, where you regularly communicate with Him and work with Him to plan your steps. So let God tell you who He says you are!