This year, Halloween is going to look a little different for everyone!

But whether you are keeping your little ones inside for some indoor Halloween fun, or taking them out trick-or-treating, we are doing some special things for the community!

First – Download our FREE Halloween Scavenger Hunt!

Click on the link below for a free ‘Halloween Scavenger Hunt’ list. Walk or drive around town with your kids and tick items off the list as you find them.
Have fun and be safe this Halloween!

Second, Enter Our Halloween Costume Photo Contest!

We will be putting together a great candy prize package for 6 different categories of pictures.

Please note: this is open to residents of Marathon only.

The Categories Are:

  • Best Baby/Toddler Costume
  • Best Boy Costume
  • Best Girl Costume
  • Best Family Costume
  • Best House Decoration
  • Best Pumpkin
Click Here for the Entrance Form
  1. Your name and email
  2. What category/categories you will be entering for
  3. How we can find you on Facebook or Instagram

Pastor Jon Eagleson will find your profile on Facebook or Instagram and get connected with you.

Second, on Facebook or Instagram, closer to Halloween (Or whenever you are ready!), post pictures of whatever you want to enter into the contest! We won’t be sharing or copying your photos in any way.

Make sure to put 2 pieces of information on each photo you post:

  1. A description of what category this photo is entering for (IE, ‘This is for the ‘Best Boy’ costume!’)
  2. Put this hashtag – #parklandcostumecontest2020 – in the description of the photo. If you do not put that in, we cannot find your photos.

Here’s an example description to go with a photo.

Hey! Here’s my photo for the ‘Best Baby Costume’ photo contest! #parklandcostumecontest2020

How Do I Enter?

Easy! There are two steps. First, just go fill out this form with the following information:

How do I win?

Easy – the photo that has the most likes in each category will win the prize! 

We will count likes until November 6th, so make sure to get people liking your photo! Then, we will announce the winners of each category on November 8th on Facebook and Instagram.

Remember: if you don’t put #parklandcostumecontest2020 into the description of the photo, we can’t find it!

Stay tuned to see what the prizes will be – we are still putting our candy packages together!