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If you have given to our church this year, you consider yourself a part of the church in some fashion, or you just want to be kept up to date – we need your contact info! Plus, we like to know about and celebrate things with you like birthdays, anniversaries, and the like.

We have one of two ways for you to update your contact info with us. Check it out below!

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You can use this form below to send in information on your family. Plus, if you have children in  one of our ministry programs, this enables us to pass on much-needed information like medical notes to our volunteer workers.

To update your contact info with us, please click the button below:

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We have an app! Through our Church Center app, you can update your own contact info whenever you need to, browse the directory to find out how to connect with others, get information on things such as small groups and special events coming up, as well as receive direct notifications from the church on important news. Plus, joining the app is free!

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