Welcome to our Focus At-Home Kids Program!

How to Start:

Every week, we will provide these activities. Feel free to go through the content in whichever order you want! Everything but the games and snacks are divided by age:

  1. A teaching video
  2. A craft activity
  3. A small group activity
  4. 3 different snack ideas
  5. 2-3 different game ideas

We also provide some resources for learning how to talk about faith with your children – check below!

Want to Download the Entire Pack at Once?

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This link contains all the files you need, including the videos. Note – some files will need to be printed.

The Weekly Content

Take a look below for links directly to the weekly content. And keep scrolling for more resources for you as a parent!

Elementary Materials

Week 1 Resources
Week 2 Resources
Week 3 Resources
Week 4 Resources
Week 5 Resources

Preschool Materials

Week 1 Resources
Week 2 Resources
Week 3 Resources
Week 4 Resources
Week 5 Resources

Additional Resources

Faith Conversation Guide – Elementary

In the elementary school years, kids become equipped with the skills they need to discover more about faith, and they have an active imagination that leads them to ask questions about their world and what they experience. As they learn new stories from the Bible, you’ll be amazed at the questions they start to consider. The best thing to remember is to treat each question with care. How you respond to your kids each time they have questions about faith will determine if they continue to talk to you about their faith.

Download the Guide

Faith Conversation Guide – Preschool

How we talk about faith at each phase of a person’s life matters in how they’ll think about faith in the phases to
come. Preschoolers use their five senses to experience the world around them. In this phase, you can help them develop
authentic faith by inciting wonder. You will give them the foundations for their faith in the way you respond with concrete
examples and by letting them explore God’s creation. As they grow and mature into adolescents you’ll be able to unpack
abstract concepts more deeply.

Download the Guide


Rightnow Media is like the “Netflix of Video Bible Studies” and has a HUGE library of faith-based videos that you can access whenever and wherever you want—on your phone, iPad, computer, or at home on your TV. Plus, they have an extensive library of kid-focused and family-friendly content that your kids will love at any age. And best of all, it’s completely free for you – our church covers all the subscription costs.

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