Please join us for our first ‘Community Game Night!’ This is a special event we will be running every other week. This week, the game will be…

Virtual Scavenger Hunt!

We will be hosting a scavenger hunt that you and your family can play from home! We will be running a live stream of the event via facebook – tune in and follow the instructions that you will be given on the screen, and the faster you respond, the more points you get. Compete to be titled ‘Super Awesomest People in Marathon!’ – at least, until the next game night!

Please note – we may be displaying the images publicly during the stream – if you want to play, make sure you are good with that!

How Do I Play?

Step 1: Register your household to play. Simply email with
a) Your team name (this is essential! Get creative!)
b) A cool photo that we can show online if you win!
c) How we can find you on Facebook (your name or a link to your profile), so I can open up a Facebook messenger chat with you so you can play!

Step 2: Tune in on our Facebook page (Click Here: Parkland Pentecostal Church) on Tuesday, April 7th. The game will begin at 6pm sharp – we will start the video feed 15 minutes early to make sure everyone has a chance to connect.

Step 3: Pastor Jon will open up a Facebook Messenger chat specifically just for you. When he announces an item in the video live stream, find the item as fast as you can, snap a picture with your smart phone, and send it via Facebook Messenger to Pastor Jon. Points will be awarded in the order the photos are received!

What’s On the Line Here?

You get to win the best thing of all – the title of ‘Super Awesomest People in Marathon!’ complete with your own (digital photo) award we will send you (over email) to brag about wherever you feel like showing it.

So Go Ahead! Sign up!