Thanks for joining us!

This is a page for you to find information as to how to join our weekly online kids program. Just read below!

The chat will run through a program called Google Hangouts Meet. Read below for more information about how to prep your device for the chat. Email to receive a special video link for your family to join in the fun!

1) How to Access the App

Via the Phone

Each session will have it’s own unique phone number and code. Simply call the phone number, and enter the code provide.

Video or Audio Chat

On a cellphone or tablet:
1) Download ‘Hangouts Meet’
Via Android: Click Here
Via Apple: Click Here
On A Laptop
1) You may need to download Google Chrome as a web browser prior to using the app.  Click here to download the app.

2) How to Use the App

Here is a great image of what the normal ‘Hangout Meet’ screen looks like:

If you do not see the ‘Turn Microphone on or off’ buttons, the ‘Leave meeting’ button or the ‘Turn Camera on or off’ buttons, please click or push your finger in the middle of the screen – they should appear.

The ‘People’ section on the right contains the images for each person joined (if they have shared their camera!). simply click on their name to see their video. Otherwise, Hangout Meet defaults to the camera of the person who has spoken most recently.