Starting in September, we’re going to be doing kids ministry a bit differently.

The Health Unit has asked churches to not run separate kids ministry programs. But we are still committed to ministering to your children in the best way possible. So starting in September, we are going to start two different things:

First – Helping Your Kids During Service

If you are bringing your children with you to service, we want to make sure that they are still able to learn and grow along with the adults! We will be tailoring our messages and service structure to account for younger ones. And we also want to provide you with some resources to help your children learn. We call these our ‘Worship Kits’

Each Worship Kit comes with some resources to help your children process what they are hearing in different creative ways. We also provide a small toy to help with some of the wiggles, and a cute bag your child can bring with them and hold anything else you want to bring along to help them out.

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Second – A Video-Chat-Based Kids Ministry Program!

Our weekly video-chat kids program is designed using our existing church curriculum to be a fun, interactive experience for your kids. We will hand out packages once a month that contain all the materials you need to help your kid participate from home.

Each month, you are going to receive:

  1. A package containing many of the materials your child needs to participate in the program from home.
  2. A special invite for your child to access our private video chats.
  3. Regular feedback as parents from both the church and the volunteers as to how to best continue teaching the topics and bible verses at home on your own time.

All you need to start is a device that’s capable of accessing a video chat – a cellphone, tablet or laptop will do fine!

This October, we will begin with…


This month, we are going through the major events in the life of prophet Elijah, all of which are nothing short of amazing! Elijah’s ministry took place during turbulent times for God’s people – so much so that Elijah felt utterly alone at times. Sometimes he was literally alone. But God’s presence and power with Elijah throughout those times is undeniable. Through these stories, kids will discover how amazing it is that God takes care of us, God knows whats best for us, God speaks to us, and all in all, God does SO MANY amazing things! 

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