PLEASE READ ALL INFO BELOW – Social Distance Restrictions are in effect! IF YOU DO NOT FEEL COMFORTABLE joining us in person at this time, we will be live streaming the service through our normal channels so you can still join us from home!

We are going to be hosting an outdoor service at Parkland Pentecostal Church (16 Hemlo Drive, next to the High School) June 28th from 11am to Noon! In case the weather does not cooperate that day, we will announce a different date during the week.

We have all heard the news that churches are allowed to reopen. And that is great news! But it is not as easy as simply going back to normal. We as a church have to follow a lot of new rules, and several restrictions. So while we figure out all of that – we are going to host an outdoor service! You don’t need a radio or anything of the like, we’ll be projecting the sound using our own equipment. There are some restrictions in place though – read below for information.

This service is open to both vehicles and walk-ups. If you are walking up, we will have a limited amount of chairs available. If you have a vehicle you’re able to use, we ask that you please come with it – it makes it easier to social distance!

We will be strictly observing a 6 foot minimum social distance between households. For vehicles, this means that you are welcome to remain in your vehicle, or place a few lawn chairs right in front to catch the service – but please stay with your vehicle unless you are using the bathroom. Vehicles will be spaced in designated spots to maintain distance.

We will not be projecting lyrics or handing out lyric sheets for the service – you can download a set of lyrics here that you can print or read from your mobile device.

If you have any concerns or questions, please comment below or hit the Send a Message button to contact us directly, and we would be happy to answer you!