Online Giving

We support online giving through sending e-transfers via your bank account. Here are the steps below to follow:

  • Go through the app or website for your financial institution and select ‘Send an E-Transfer’. If you aren’t sure how to do this, please contact your bank.

  • Enter the email address as You will not have to enter a question.

  • In the Comment field, please enter the following information separated by commas:

    1. If you have an envelope number with us, your envelope number and name.
    2. Otherwise, if you do not have an envelope with us, just enter your name.
    3. How your offering will be designated
      1. If you are supporting a special cause, you can put that in the field!

    Example: 92, Jon Eagleson, 25 to Missions, 25 to Tithe
    Jon Eagleson, 50 to Kids Outreach Program.