thanks for your generosity!

How To Give Online

At Parkland Pentecostal Church, we rely entirely on donations for all the work that we do.

We currently support receiving e-transfers as our method of online giving.

Read below for info on how to send an e-transfer:

  • Go through the app or website for your financial institution and select ‘Send an E-Transfer’. If you aren’t sure how to do this, please contact your bank

  • Enter the email address as You will not have to enter a question.

  • In the comment field, please fill out what areas you wish your donation to be applied.

For the Comment Field

  1. If you have an envelope number with us, your envelope number and name.
  2. Otherwise, if you do not have an envelope with us, just enter your name.
  3. How your offering will be designated
    1. If you are supporting a special cause, you can put that in the field!

Example: 92, Jon Eagleson, 25 to Missions, 25 to Tithe
Jon Eagleson, 50 to Kids Outreach Program.

How To Give In Person

At the church, we have a donation box for receiving cash or cheque donations only.

The donation box is a black box located in the sanctuary, next to the sound booth.

Please take an envelope located next to the box, put in your donation, and drop it into the black box.